RAM is set by using multiplier correction to the standard frequency for the modules being used, unless the manufacturer specifies methods for improving memory overclocking, in which case their effectiveness is also explored. The board manufacturers have adopted these chipsets specifically in order to add ultra-light models to their series of boards. This board is not meant for overclocking fans, despite its ability to reduce the multipliers of HT bus and memory. Those who don’t want to explore the settings will keep automatic selection in any case. The chance of the customer, who favors discrete graphics configurations, and whom we have mentioned in the introduction, being interested in such a system board is all the more small. Toggling of audio output functions is implemented quite conveniently. He doesn’t want to pay more for the options that he doesn’t intend to use, but he does want to be able to install all the peripherals that he has accumulated and that require formally obsolete ports and connectors.

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Such a version, mothrboard, is currently not on the official model list. It is mounted to the chassis using 6 screws, while the right edge up to the level of storage connectors remains unsecured.

Video 3Digests Video cards: Of course, a lot depends on the price, but this is most likely just the “first try”.

Imagine that some organization while ordering a certain number of computers for its ordinary office needs requires outboard graphics cards, regardless of the model, to be installed in each one.

Frequency response 40 Hz to 15 KHzdB: A rather ordinary choice of settings.

EliteGroup Computer Systems NFORCE6M-A, Socket AM2+, AMD (NFORCE6M-A()) Motherboard | eBay

Control of computer wake on signal from USB-devices that are connected to the rear panel ports and additional port brackets. However, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with using it for “office” needs. The practical goal of our test is to find out if the CPU’s high overclocking potential is hindered by the board and to evaluate the board’s behavior in non-standard BIOS modes. Indeed, more than a few boards of mottherboard microATX form factor have by far more attractive functionality.


As we all know, space should be conserved in office conditions and in general too. They may justly fear that integrated graphics might not provide as clear a picture via analog output, as a discrete graphics card would.

However, there is no guarantee that the board won’t choose an even lower value for some strange reason for certain expensive high-quality DDR modules. It would be reasonable to expect that in time these boards would occupy the lower parts of price lists. The frequency response result also doesn’t allow us motherbooard consider this integrated audio solution flawed, because the other tests produced results similar to those of Realtek ALC codecs, which objectively should be recognized as the best in their class.

This model on the manufacturer’s web-site Dmitriy Laptev lpt ixbt. As we have mentioned earlier, heat emission of the modern single-bridge NVIDIA chipsets is relatively low, therefore, making active cooling an exception to the rule.

Write a comment below. Sure, in order to assemble such computers one can take a cheap board with an integrated graphics core, which thankfully there is a variety of, and fit it with a graphics card using a corresponding port. Thus, a well-known misconception that the boards with integrated graphics are the cheapest ones would be disproved. On the other hand, it isn’t possible to download a new version from the developer’s web-site, in contrast to Realtek.

EliteGroup Computer Systems NFORCE6M-A, Socket AM2+, AMD (NFORCE6M-A(3.0)) Motherboard

After all, motgerboard everything, MS Vista has gained acceptance and will continue its expansion into the office computer sector. Suppose a user is accustomed to building and upgrading computers for himself, his relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and friends.


It just might be that the organization employees use exclusively old and particularly large-screen CRT monitors. The developers of such a solution in part may be excused, because mothwrboard with low clock rate is likely to be used on such system boards.

ECS NFORCE6M-A – – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2+ – GeForce Overview – CNET

The performance drop that we have observed is quite significant and, more importantly, absolutely unjustified. SigmaTel audio omtherboard are nflrce6m-a rarely found on the modern boards. On the other hand, this board is still of the ATX form factor, which not only negatively affects its production cost, but also prevents it from being installed into a compact chassis. Besides, the solution suggests itself – intuitively such computers should be built using microATX boards with restricted functionality based on a chipset without an integrated graphics core.

ECS NFORCE6M-A – 3.0 – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2+ – GeForce 6100

On one hand, the set of peripheral ports, BIOS settings etc. Nvorce6m-a Bridge Trying out the new method. Chipset cooling is provided by a low-profile heatsink, which is quite adequate. In case of our modules with characteristics surpassing the DDR standard requirements this value has turned out to be one grade less – MHz. Let “Auto” remain the default value for this setting, we have nothing against it.