Views Read View source View history. A modem manager with support for QMI is recommended. Zach Pfeffer pfefferz wrote on I’ll post if it works well. This only supports USB1. If this line is not present, your adapter is detected OK, but no driver is available.

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I thought USB would allow up to Mbs.

MCS7705 — USB 1.1 to Single Parallel Controller

This driver creates an interface named “ethX”, where X depends on. For example, D-Link has an annoying tendency to silently replace the chipset in their models without changing the model name.

These cards support downlink speeds of 7. Say Y here if you want to use one of the following 10Mbps only.

Wired network adapters – WikiDevi

If you are running your Pi with X server and graphics it might be slowing your network connection down because the processor is dedicating CPU time to the graphics as well. Zach Pfeffer pfefferz wrote on With last kernel there is no problem and adapter working fine. Disable and enable can be executed correctly, and “ping” command can be executed correctly.


This is also a more ideal situation. Although I got that kernel error message after I execute “ping” command, the “ping” command still can be executed successfully after that kernel error message shows up, and the feedback is correct too. The adapter always plugged in the Origen board.

Say Y here if you have RTL based usb – ethernet adapter. Contents 1 General remarks 2 Moxchip devices 2. Choose this option if you’ re using a host – to – host cable based. Angus Ainslie angus-akkea on These are often used to network laptops to PCslike. The adapter looks work, otherwise, I can’t get the correct response from “ping” command.

References v t e. This may not be plug-and-play!

The fix of this bug has been committed, however, some parts of this issue still exist after fix committed. Botao Could you run above without “cfg TP1-TP2 voltage measured solid at 4.

Wired network adapters

While it is advertised as USB 2. Issue as described by comment 34 still happening with the Linux-based “Gumstix” PXAx based systems use this protocol.

So this bug will be marked fix committed and the new bugs can be found here:. Ethernet doesn’t work on Origen when the usb host interface works as a usb 2. Usn network connectivity can be an advantage, as wireless connectivity might not always be available or troublesome to set up.


USB ethernet adaptors – OLPC

I also find that sometimes I run the “ping” command, there are some error information which looks come from the kernel. This means that even if a particular model is known to be compatible, this might not apply to the unit you have acquired.

Next should be line s identifying the joschip driver, chipset, what device name was assigned, and its MAC address. You can find the firmware in attachment of comment 21 of bug About the tablet Specifications Buying Help using Support for. A bit is 8 times smaller than a byte. Choose this option to support the Phonet interface to a Nokia.