If it fails the blank check, try another chip. Getting Started , Troubleshooting. If the chip you are programming is of a larger capacity than the binary file you are putting on it, you need to use an offset to ensure the tune ends up in the right spot on the chip. Install the chip per directions printed on the burner — the unused pins should be closest to the metal handle. When in the software: For more information, see “Advanced Addressing”. If it passes a blank check, try programming it again.

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Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer

It makes use of the current buffer and burns the chip from the data in the buffer specified in the “Buffer Addressing” fields and burns the information to the chip at the location specified in the “Chip Addressing” fields. If not then you have to switch some com ports around until you get it on one of the ports.

If it succeeds, you should see this: Once opened you can go over to the Tools fash, then go to the preference tab.

For more information, see “Advanced Addressing”. Once you download and install this program, I suggest you restart your machine before proceeding.

Flash & Burn Instructions

Current time is 9: Burning a chip From File – To burn a file to a chip: To do this manually:. Burning a file to a chip requires that this buffer be filled with the file. moaates


Switching adapters use chips that are larger than an ECU requires, allowing the extra space to be used for multiple programs. The buffer is then burned to the chip.

This can be tricky — there is a whole article on it to help you. As a rule of thumb, tunes start at the end of the chip and count down.


Fire up our Flash n Burn software. This action makes use of the Buffer Addressing fields. Blank Check – This will check the entire chip and return success if the chip is blank, or failure if the chip is not blank or upon error.

Programming chips with offsets comes anc play in two situations: Both of these cases will be covered in this article. Erase Sector F only – This will erase an individual 64kbyte sector of a 29F If you are sure your chips are not fake, contact us for further assistance.

You asked, we deliver! Erase Chip – Pressing this will erase the entire contents of the chip from beginning to end. Go to control panel and open the system icon. I thank Luti for all his help so pretty much this moxtes his write-up in my words so enjoy.

Take note of the file size indicated in the message window. You need to make sure the program you put in the moatew ends up in the top end of the chip, so these settings matter.


The chip gets read into the buffer, then the buffer gets saved to file. Some adapters have chips which can hold more tunes than there are address lines for switching. Switching bjrn which hold multiple programs require the use of offsets to fit multiple programs on a single chip for a switching adapter.

It reads the chip contents from the specified “Chip Addressing” fields and places them at the beginning of the buffer. Make sure it says device enable, then click port settings tab, then click the advanced button located in the middle.

To File – To read a chip to a file: Here is the link of the software you need to run the program: Verify Chip With Buffer – This will read the contents of the chip at and between the ad specified in the “Chip Addressing” fields and compare them against the data in the buffer at the location “Buffer Addressing” field “Start Address.