The decoder driver can be controlled by the examples in the ves-play directory. This provides a boot console on the serial port to allow firmware images to be loaded from flash or over the network. The encoder is initialized, the streaming AV server is started. So, maybe, it would be possible to do something with it and the commandline might give me more clues. The goal for the Ubuntu kernel is to have little to no divergence from the upstream linux kernel source.

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Busybox is a toolkit application that combines the functionality of a number of different standard POSIX commands into a single binary.

Micronas DRXXD – LinuxTVWiki

This bug affects 2 people. Several key files are of importance: Audio interface 0 found Vendor Class em28xx The libpng package contains an implementation of the PNG specification for portable network graphics. The kernel IDE core does not support the platform device subsystem, so there is no declaration for the ATAPI interface in the architecture-specific support.

For now I will close this off, and I suggest we open new bugs for any specific patches we need considered for Ubuntu kernels. In dmesg there are still 2 problems reported with my QuatroStick: Usually, this is setup for That adds the ‘scantv’ command for scanning for analog tv channels. Since the device is several years old, support probably will never come.


CONFIG_DVB_NGENE: Micronas nGene support

Besides that I have also installed the package “xawtv”. When i run the ‘scantv’ command it outputs: If some of these devices are not needed, the corresponding driver may be disabled in the kernel configuration without needing micronae modify this file.

Also, please specifically note if the issue does or does not appear in the 2.

It does not correctly handle many recording functions such as AV synch. I’d encourage you to work with the upstream kernel to to get this merged there. TDK-Micronas currently employs around People. It can thus be used by any kind of projects, be they proprietary or not.

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Micronas USA offers no support for any hardware liinux software provided or referenced here. Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Process start command, the following services are started: You need to log in to change this bug’s status. This is not a complete interpretation, and you should review the licenses of each component included in this SDK to determine the terms under which you may use, modify and redistribute the components.


Others have reported it works for them too. Gotomeeting citrix OnSite Internet-Access: This API provides functions to initialize and configure the decoder, provide VES frame buffers into the drivers memory space, start and stop the decoder, and exchange video packet buffers between the application and the decoder.

The goal for the Ubuntu kernel is to have little to no divergence from the upstream linux kernel source.

Jelle Foks jellefoks wrote on I have patched and compiled the go drivers per instructions at http: Jeff Buchbinder rufustfirefly on This bug was flagged as having a patch attached. Code from ipcam can be used in closed source applications. I thought it could be a hardware problem and thought about using ‘dmesg’ to detect such problems. The framebuffer driver can be controlled by the examples in the fbsetfbtestand microwindows directory.