The “Hardware” column should be obvious. If you are using another init system than systemd, you need to make similar steps. One is to patch the lircd. If it’s listed, kernel should load it automatically on-demand in most cases. After the installation a configuration dialog will appear on Ubuntu. Please note that lircd will not relay events received from one lircd to another. You should replace all non-standard definitions with standard key symbols where it’s possible.

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This can even be mandatory sometimes. In some cases the simple method will work in a buggy way keys pressed twice, key burst, laggy key, Take a note to the lirx decision. The lirc configuration consists of several files described in Appendix As long as you have only one remote of each kind you can use simple devihput matching like in. Note that lircd cannot be running. Mario Limonciello superm1 wrote on No such file or directory lircd Traditionally lircd has been run as user root.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

Make sure the name ends with. Privacy policy About linux-sunxi. If you are to use the devinput driver, read on. The modinfo 1 command provides useful info how to configure the drivers. Furthermore, since ir-keytable finds the device you know that the driver is part of the rc subsystem.


After that, all the button presses get recognized without issues. You have downloaded and installed Lirc and are now ready to set it up.

HOW-TO:Set up an MCE remote control in Linux

If you are a programmer who wants to maintain such a driver you are welcome to join the project. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat One way to achieve this is an udev rule. If you can see very long pulses this usually means that sense auto detection of your serial port IR receiver circuit has failed.

The easiest way is to use the lircd daemon shipped with lirc package. Recently, after I upgraded to LIRC can be run together with the kernel devinnput different ways. The first step is to create a simple configuration for just one key for the irexec application, dipping a toe into the water. Personal tools Create account Log in.

This section is parsed by the lircd-setup tool which runs as root when lircd is started. When i use older 2. One can browse the source code here: The user may for instance control video or music playback software with their remote control.


In this mode, lircd is started as root but drops privileges before actually processing infrared data. So you can’t daisy-chain lircds. When using multiple remotes lircd tries to sort them so that the ones which decodes faster are used first.

When using serial or parallel port hardware the proper kernel module must be loaded with correct options.

To determine the driver to use you might need to know the name of your capture device, what module the kernel has loaded for it and the dvinput device it’s connected to. On Linux it is often easier to use the Lirc package. If you’re using the devinput lircd.