P P P P P1. This option is useful when in places where mobile phone transmitters should be turned off. In regards to capabilities however, it follows on from the Si , Sony Ericsson’s first camera phone to break the one-megapixel mark. Now in the blank text file, add this…. Uninstall the TS Adaptor you have on the right side. Finally, connecting to the Internet.

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The included handsfree headset is also required to listen to the radio since it functions as the antenna.

The serial line is accessible via the USB cable, as well as via Bluetooth. If the button is pressed when the headset isn’t attached the phone displays a moeem status screen showing profile, memory usage, battery level, and, on some mobile networks, phone number. P P P P P1. I know that there have to be done some settings, especially for the Modem you use and the Connection over the TS Adaptor.

Uses of Bluetooth on the Ki include handsfree calling with wireless headsets, wireless networking with a PC or laptop, and transferring files including photos and music between mobile phones and PDAs.

If Modm is not available, choose Network Port Configurations from the Show pop-up menu and make sure Bluetooth is selected. Although it does not run Linux itself – hearing this from me may be a suprise for your – it does interact with Linux powered devices quite well.


Sony Ericsson K – Wikipedia

Serial interface via Bluetooth Instead of relying on a wired connection, you can also use the Bluetooth interface to access this serial line: There is also a blindingly bright light beside the lens that can assist while taking a photo in dark surroundings — or purely as a torch.

We’re quite fond of the Ki’s form factor: Make sure all the drivers are loaded correctly.

You are commenting using moodem WordPress. Site Explorer Site Explorer. Views Read Edit View history. Hope this gives some more info to go on. Joined Sep 27, Messages 2, Hello, I just wonder have you set up anything with the Teleservice Software V 6 already? It took me many many days to get this figured out. I use BSNL, and so it appears to be the same.

Sony Ericsson K750i

Choose Bluetooth from the Configuration pop-up menu. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Serial Port Service RecHandle: File transfer To transfer ringtones, images, themes or any other file to your phone, you have basically three options: The button in between of these ‘soft keys’ acts as a shortcut key, which brings up a user-customisable shortcut menu when pressed.

The left-hand side of the phone also houses the Memory Stick PRO Duo slot for external solid state memory, which is protected by a flexible rubber cover.


My Profile Log Out. Radio Data System RDSwhich enables broadcasters to transmit artist and track information, is supported but we could only get the name of the station eg. Using the USB cable The USB cable works similar, it announces the memory stick to the Linux system, which k705i it as a mass storage device and assigns a device name for it.

A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. This also indicates the connection is OK. You need to pair your computer with your mobile phone before using your phone to connect to your service provider.

Sony Ericsson also includes Remote Control, an application that pairs with a Bluetooth-equipped PC or notebook and allows users to control PowerPoint presentations, Windows Media Player no iTunes, we’re afraidand the desktop.

You modemm also consult Ross Barkman’s site for modem script information, at: Auto focus ensures that photos are sharp, although we found a steady hand is necessary for this to work.