Intel stuff at http: This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Just select the “Development Tools” section and click update. It ought to be. Some of these are sold as Cnet modems and have Ambient chips on board. I did what you suggested and installed make.

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Modems supported by the Intel536EP driver

The “make clean” is belt and braces, just making sure that there’s nothing left around inyel previous attempts. With a Ubuntu installation, obviously with the kernel headers available ; the compile worked. It ought to be.

Thanks for the link Prescott. Executed make clean and apparently worked ok!. However, consider buying a cheap external modem.

Intel EP modem for Voip in Linux

It comes up in Notepad or some other application which can handle text files. No such file or directory root ubuntu: A “full” installation kit is usually 3 or 4 CDs. As Graham suggests, a distro which includes the kernel source on the installation CD is more helpful in cases like yours.


When you click on a text file in Windows, what happens? Sorry, I think you need to find what the C compiler package you need to get to install gcc is called, and fetch it.

DialupModemHowto/IntelEP – Community Help Wiki

If anyone thought they heard some rather coarse language floating on the airwaves a wee while ago it was probably me! The rest is with-source and of reasonable quality.

What shall I do? You need to copy the file to new folder in your home directory from the floppy first. When I move in to point 4 Type: Done The following extra packages will be installed: Not much help with moxem there. Change into this folder: Interestingly, if you could call it that,: Note that no certification testing of these modems has been performed, and manufacturers may vary the specifications without notice to the Ubuntu developers and sometimes without changing model numbers!

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try lknux things on your own. There’s another modified to build in Debian. The Download is reported to be as follows: Start a terminal and enter that command, which will make the tar “Tape archiver” programmeSo that is what “tar” stands for.


There seems to be a ton of stuff including this forum on this if you do a google search for XH I just forget the exact version set things going. I’ve got to have another set 536fp the sources in “user space’ to roll my own kernel. Even though the recovery gave me KDE instaead of Gnome.

Sooooo, off to hunt down the C compiler. It comes complete with CD and Linux drivers but no install or set-up programme. Change to this directory by typing cd Intel or intep 6. No folders by the name of linux-headers, linux source, or linux image to be found on CD. It can’t run it if it hasn’t got it.