I ran the super pi benchmark which tests the CPU math processing and memory as well as disk function, since some amount of writing to disk is associated in this test and this is what I got:. A poor upgrade choice or a stupid move I suggest that you make a new installation of Lubuntu It has the 40Gb drive and 1Gb mem. Since this is not an Intel branded card it means that while this notebook has a Pentium M processor, it is not a Centrino machine. I got Home and that will likely suffice for most anybody buying this notebook.

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I used the Dell Inspiron a while back and was highly disappointed with the flimsiness of the casing, the B is certainly a step up from that. The battery will last longer if the laptop is only used for web browsing. You have a number of old partitions, some of which are built on the old file system ext3. Visit our network of sites: Conclusion The Dell B ends up being a fine notebook for general usage and as an extension of a desktop computer.

Also the keyboard has a gray border surrounding it, which some people may find visually pleasing. A heavier 6-cell unit is available for those who need more mobile power. Software The notebook comes with a wordperfect 12 office suite, with the trial versions of the spreadsheet and presentation software, with option to upgrade after 60 days, or you may simply choose to keep the wordperfect wordprocessor.

The first shutdown or restart terminates the application and the second one actually turns the computer off.

I returned the Maxtor One Touch II external because there were problems with its touted restore operations and software reinstallations hence the 3rd PC restore on my B — that story, some other time … sigh!


Tags for this Grwphics dell inspiron blubuntuubuntuupgrade. The touchpad which replaces a mouse is a joy to use, in my experience, and it is interesting how I reach for it at work, where I have a conventional keyboard and mouse!

This is impressive, often with budget notebooks the hinges can be somewhat weak. I bought this Dell notebook from a student who decided to sell the laptop because it did not have a wireless card built-in, and it was too much of a hassle for them to carry a USB adaptor with its trailing tail. Everything but the sound card and wireless card are properly detected and installed when I boot from a Knoppix LiveCD.

Dell Inspiron B Review

UXA acceleration might help. Finding one would have been nice, as I did need to move to the next step in terms of mobility and slightly better performance from the MHz desktop I was using! I did poke at the screen a bit and found it to be firm. My order included a free Dell Wireless card that performs very well. Operating System and Software: Intel Pentium M Processor 1.

Dell Inspiron B120 and Inspiron 1300 Ultra Budget Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Heat With any modern computer, heat is always a problem. For many of us, who are not all that much into computer games, we often do not realize how much we are oversold in the electronic warehouses and E-mags and E-reviews on the power and capacities of our computers that we graphhics need and actually utilize. With a RAM upgrade this should be a great student or work laptop that can master all Microsoft Inspironn applications with ease and also perform certain multimedia tasks.


November 7th, 3. It seems to be a very basic unit and has internal wifi unit inside and works flawlessly. I am very impressed b102 the performance and build quality of the Inspiron B, as I had very low expectations when I ordered it.

Dell Inspiron B130 and B120 Review (pics, specs)

The standby and hibernation functions, worked flawlessly even when the quick launch mode of Dragon software was selected. You can drive up the volume pretty high without having any clipping. I thought i was doing the upgrade correctly, making a backup before installing Lubuntu Old hardware brought back to life More details about Lubuntu and old computers. Inspiron B Everest Hardware Report. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

When on AC power the screen is bright enouggh, but when you switch to battery it becomes too dim — you can adjust your display and power settings to force the screen to be brighter when on battery but at the cost of shorter battery life. The lid is an entirely silver-grey color while the rest of the body is black with an accent of silver trim around the keyboard.

Having heard about the pros and cons and hypes around dual channel memory and its latency etc.