If you look almost anywhere on the net you will find thousands no millions of people complaining that they are losing their DVD drivers from all manufacturers and models. Then, immediately upon reboot of the system, the computer recognizes new hardware is installed, and automatically adds the missing driver. The only way it works in my case is by not downloading any windows updates specially the windows player ones. Thing is, I don’t remember which. Uninstalling the driver didn’t help. Once you have uninstalled them. I had to call tech support like Monika

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Fernando, I contacted hp helpdesk support center and all they have done is tell me to take it back to hp service, they have already changed my DVD drive to a different model and my laptop is a dv and it is just 2 years old, I had the same problem with the previous DVD and the new one they have installed too.

The regedit that Rich lists worked for me. This is absolutely a nightmare. Well anyway, here is your PC homepage: I was recently having some trouble with my DVD Drive too. Before doing anything else, you can try this simple process: My computer would detect the drive but wasnt able to use it.


There were 20 occurrences in the System Event Log of a message: Then close the Hardware Manager, and immediately reboot your system.

HL-DT-ST GSAN Firmware KQ09 Download

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. All in all, it was rather simple, except, I couldn’t have done without HP tech support. Cannot install from CD. Try it and gsz-4084n us know if it is OK. Hi Monica, are you using Nero? From what I’ve heard this is actually a adn caused by Microsoft and it’s software and not actually a problem caused by HP. Tech support walked me through the process.

what is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4084N ATA Device?

Anyone have any more suggestions?? Then reboot and it will detect new hardware found and Then clean the XP registry files go to Start, execute on your right and a window will open and type “REGEDIT” acept and the registry editor will open.

The Regedit process is simple.

When booting up, the system will notice the hardware is installed, and if you are lucky, will look for the missing driver automatically on the system. The problem is a conflict with ITunes registry dvs used by ITunes to burn cds.

I had to call tech support like Monika Hewlett Packard Enterprise International.

CD-ROM Driver HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSAN – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

It kept telling me that there was an issue with the drive. You have nothing to loose in doing this. Went through the basic steps to try and solve the issue. The only way it works in my case is by not downloading any windows updates specially the windows player ones.


If you have “LowerFilter” do the same, delete it. Right click on it and select “uninstall”. If you have Nero uninstall it before doing all of this and reinstall it. The only driver I found is the attached. Unfortunately there is still no clearing house for applications compatibility anywhere on the planet.

Once the program is loaded, look at the attachment I have provided. The fix that gss-4084n been posted does work but keep it close.

I still am having the same issues – I can read dvds but not cds which of course means I can’t install most applications. I have the same problem, I have tried everything, formatting, reinstalling deleting the upperfilters and lower filters, I can record CD ok but DVDS sometimes and then suddenly it stops recording and my DVD drive disappears, I restart and it reinstalls.