Monday, July 10th After installing the driver over version Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter—the desktop becomes corrupted after exiting the game when the SLI split line is enabled. Far Cry—textures are overly bright or missing when HDR is enabled. Supreme Commander—the background becomes corrupted when zoomed out with antialiasing is enabled. November der aktuelle Stand der angestaubten Technik. Alternatives and Similar Software.

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All I really want nVidia to fix is the screen tearing up with the top right half lagging behind the bottom left half when a video is played on windows media player, media player classic, winamp, etc.

Hotkey switching between the internet games Mir 2 and My causes the screen to go blank, requiring a hard reboot. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more. In fact I’m not a mod at all.

NVIDIA Forceware WHQL (XP bit) Download for Windows /

Lost Planet—the game crashes after a few minutes of play. Extreme Condition—the game crashes to the desktop when attempting to select a mission. Thank you for your hardwork Malware and everyone else. X3 Demo—Flickering occurs while running the X3 demo as a benchmark. I dont of course Supreme Commander—the background becomes corrupted when zoomed out with antialiasing is enabled. Actually Search is your friend I did notify 1 moderator for 4 of them and even so they didnt go frontpage.


ForceWare Win|XP WHQL (bit) download from

Detaillierte Informationen finden sich auf unserer Informationsseite Datenschutz und Cookies. NVIDIA ForceWare driver software unleashes the full power and features in NVIDIA’s desktop, gaming, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia, and mobile products, all being installed on your PC in a single package that can cater the needs of both ordinary users who are demanding good multimedia support, heavy gamers who are seeking rendering performance and professionals who value tolls and stability.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2— the game fails if you try to forecware settings right after the loading a mission.

There is corruption in the water in the Painkiller benchmark. The system restarts while playing a video using MCE. Fear Extraction Point—shadow textures are stretched or render incorrectly. XX series drivers in terms of stability of the control panel at least. With the resolution set to i, the desktop cannot be changed from Dualview mode to Clone mode.

The drivers bring improved compatibility for Lost Planet, as well as lots of game and application compatibility fixes. How about video playback? Besides i add new threads times a day so i have to pm someone 4 times a day.


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Far Cry—textures are overly bright or missing when HDR is enabled. So why report the other 4? Forcewqre der aktuelle Stand der angestaubten Technik. Extreme Condition— the game crashes after the player destroys some objects in mission Battlefield 2—game performance drops with SLI mode enabled.

This occurs occasionally, usually when the driver is first installed.

Windows XP/2000 32-bit

Rise of Legends—there is flickering at x with SLI mode enabled. Titan Quest—with VSync disabled, there are horizontal black lines during the intro video. Video playback using PowerDVD shows a green line at the bottom of the 12.18. While installing the driver, the screen may go blank, requiring you to restart the system.

Dungeon Siege 2—there is a block of corruption around the mouse cursor. Thats why ive asked many moderators to scan for new threads and place them frontpage. Drittanbieter, die Werbung auf unseren Webseiten platzieren, setzen gegebenenfalls eigene Cookies.

Its modules cover everything from 2D and 3D graphics, to things like networking, sound, and even controller data inputs.