Presets are included for various types of users and keyboard localizations, and these include a handy diagram showing which key does what. Effects sound great, but time stretching could be improved. The waveforms show a sum of the left and right channels, but can be switched into a stereo mode should that be required. Right clicking resets the selected cue point. I know I’ve posted my issues in other topics but trying to narrow down an audience is hard so hopefully this will be the last time. Mixvibes will automatically read the id3 tags from the tracks and populate the database with them – but this information can be edited directly from the mediabase in the event of mistagged files. Tracks are added to the library using the “explorer” pane on the right – either by dragging them into the MediaBase, or by scanning entire directories of files at once.

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Schaack Audio Technologies

A cool feature is the DirectWIRE support in the driver, allowing you to record signals from one application to another internally. This could potentially be used in conjunction with external key analysis software such as Mixed In Key.

Mixvibes’ track library or “MediaBase” as it calls it is thankfully very easy to navigate. This can either be done by dragging them in from the mediabase, or clicking the “SEND” button on one of the players.

Cue points are similarly familiar – assign them by clicking on one of the eight “location” buttons, and any further clicks will jump to that cue point. This program allows configuration of essential parameters such as buffer size, sample rate and channel volume levels.

ESI – Download: U46DJ

I know I’ve posted my issues in other topics but trying to narrow down an audience is hard so hopefully this mm2 be the last time. A separate mix output with professional TRS outputs could be used to connect U46 XL to professional stereo studio monitors. Right clicking resets the selected cue point. Sound Quality Faultless audio quality, even when executing slow scratches.


Buffer is set at 6. Latency is a key word with DVSs, and what is considered an acceptable amount rather depends on the kind of DJ you are. Support for DRM-mangled media such as iTunes downloads is not present, but no self-respecting DJ keeps their music in that sort of format anyway.

This causes the pitch fader and transport buttons to be disabled, and starts displaying the timecode detection quality in a little box so you know when to clean your eai. However, one solution that is often overlooked by DJs is one that has been around longer than any of them, and mo2 creators claim to have coined the term “DVS”.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – All DJs’ with U46mk2 soundcard

Unlike Torq and MsPinky, the timecode is monodirectional, meaning that the tracking is less accurate in reverse motions than forward ones – but this didn’t cause any juggling problems for me except when the needles were dirty.

There’s the “original” Mixvibes, now at version 7, which has many features for producers and advanced DJs but has an older code base and is Windows-only – and there’s Mixvibes CROSS, which has been written from scratch to be cross-platform hence the name and more stable.

Looping and cue points are only available in the relative modes, but accurate tracking with no cue slip is guaranteed in absolute mode – so this is the mode beat jugglers will want. Mixvibes has certainly come a long way since version 6, which was the last version reviewed on Skratchworx. A new feature with this version is the “Key Lock” knob – this changes the pitch of the track without affecting the tempo.

Dell Inspiron Processor: The pads can of course be assigned to MIDI controllers, so if you have an M-Audio Trigger Finger or similar, you can use that to lay down live drum beats or play one-shot samples with ease.

This can be done for pretty much every function in Mixvibes, with the exception of mediabase controls. It is definitely worth experimenting with the different skins, as there are different versions for different screen resolutions, and even some rather nifty minimalist ones intended for netbooks and other small-screened PCs. Scanning even huge music libraries takes almost no time at all less than 20 seconds for 20Gb of mp3s on my system.


There are also 6 independent individual outputs on the backside, perfect for multi-channel playback applications like to provide individual outputs for software synthesizers, to provide independent playback channels for DJ software or to provide surround playback capability via a 5.

Thirdly, the “Selection” pane provides a list of groups that the track list can be narrowed by, such as artist and genre.

Documentation is sparse at best – the box eis no manual, just a quick start guide for the U46MK2. The top section is for the two audio players, and the bottom houses the song library. Media management is arguably the most important feature of any DJ application, and a poor implementation can easily ruin an otherwise perfect DJ program. New map files are regularly posted to the Mixvibes website, so even if you can’t find a suitable map file for your controller chances are someone will have made one.

These will be of limited use to DJs using Mixvibes as a DVS, but can be used to operate the third player or to play a set without external control if desired. Most skins come in both and pixel wide versions, and many more skins can be downloaded from the Mixvibes website. Finally, a “playlist” pane can be added from the “view” menu, and tracks wsi be dragged from the mediabase into it.

Posted Wed 03 Sep 08 6: From that point on, that control – be it a button, fader or knob – will be assigned to the function you selected.