I thought I was crazy since all the troubleshooting does not work! Advanced image options let you manage colors, smooth edges, and make other enhancements. Can I have you lift the lid of the unit and give me the serial numbers of the cyan and magenta cartridges Me: I think they found out they have a hugh problem on their hands, and there isn’t much that can be done to fix it, other that coming out with a print setup like the HP’s or the Canon’s or like anybody elses printer. They’re losing money on this. Mine does the same thing as everyone else’s and it also tells me my cartridges are empty when I know they aren’t. I followed all the collective advice, called Epson service, and explained the light ink, missing colors on the pages, multiple attempts at nozzle cleaning, print testing, replacing cartridges, etc.

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After you do all of them which I already did you can call back cust. All I can say about this thing is thats its possessed!

Epson CX4600

So I cleaned the the underside a few more times, and tried printrr copy. Sorry everyone else is having so many problems. Called Epson and after troubleshooting and having done everything they said already, they shipped me out a CX I used my cel phone, and the tech support guy seemed to relish in extending my call for as long as possible I used up my cel phone credits in just printre one call; so much for avoiding crazy communication charges before giving me an RMA code to send the non printing printer back to them just to get a new The postings on this website are very helpful.


I called them and they are sending me an upgrade printer. Even with dpson fixes that I mentioned, the printer will still waste way too much ink because the ink head is built into the printer. If you need the number, Goggle Epson support.

I’ve had my ups and downs with them, but their product still is the best fit for me. I was doing a head cleaning yesterday when the error light went on and all lights started flashing. Spson tried calling the tech line and they asked for my serial number.

I called them and they asked me the numbers off of each ink cartridge. The best thing to do with the CX is to NOT use the Prinher ink cartridges from Epson and order on the internet a refill cartridge system where you can easily add ink to the top of the cartridge. Well, I sent it in, called them back and was told that I would recieve either my repaired printer or a replacement within 30 days of them receiving it.

I am totally serious – if you do the following before trying anything else you will save yourself a TON of time and effort!

I wanted to use up the ink that I had bought, but I’ve had enough. I could tell he knew it was a moot point but had to ask me to go through a test printing since that’s what they pay him for.

I’ve seen the cleaning solution elsewhere, but pronter directions using it are daunting!

Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

I’m not completely sure about Walmart, but I know that Best Buy will take them back with a receipt if you bought the wrong ones, etc. Take the unit out back and go to town on it with a sledge-hammer and a blowtorch 3. Tell them you did ALL the troubleshooting steps and they will transfer you to the right department that will help you resolve issue. You don’t need a receipt.


With durabrite ink i remove the cartridges every so offen and shake them.

When I called them they were very nice and forgiving, and willing to help. I did this two or three times. Any suggestions or is this printer done!

I thought I found a cheap ink place, but this one is even better. I’m sure you can probably make a date up as long as its within in the warranty period. Computer-enabled printfr is available in printe different modes, with the more advanced settings letting you optimize colors and scan oversized documents, for example. And yes, the nice canadian young man, who said that he was in Ontario by the way, had me do the nozzle cleaning through the kaput-compute.

I too have joined the club.

I’ve had mine for just over a year and just before the warrenty went out, mine started to do the same as all the others. The article I read said to fill this tray and sponge area with windex and let sit for an hour, and this would disolve the congealed ink. A bargain shopper might even prefer it to the Canon MultiPass MPwhich produces lesser scans and prints.