Free software compatible devices also work out of the box. If you can see networks, that means the driver is installed and up running. It can be downloaded here: Try it this way. Debian User Forums Skip to content. I have no idea why, if this is a problem with the device or with my networking settings.

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This comes at the expense of functionality and reliability. I haven’t added any “unsupported” sources though To create a page, simply enter the model and version in the box example: It’s very simple, try to follow the format of template but don’t worry too much about following guidelines. Other Ubuntu wiki pages on Wireless Networking: This is in an effort to streamline the code and make the documents more organized.

Thanks in advance for the help! When I connectwith the EUB, it looks like this: If it is a separate USB device, open up a terminal and type the following: Page History Login to edit. Engenis a wired ethernet connection and do: Is it a problem that is found in the installation log I posted above, or is it to be found in the system logs somewhere?


I will post the link to the Ubuntu forum, where they have been able to get it working under Open a terminal and do: Sorry it took so long to get back on this, I was wrestling with a more pressing issue getting my samba server running to do a backup of my windows machine for a reformat Code: If you get this method working your Internet connection will most likely be very unstable.

Also I have ensured that I have 3rd party sources, etc installed The device works with the Ralink driver rtsta.

en/users/Drivers/rtusb/devices – Linux Wireless

I have no idea why, if this is a problem with the device or with my networking settings. On each manufacturer’s page, while working on the clean up, I’m separating them by card type and then linking to them here. Select all root debian: It can be downloaded here: If you can see networks, that means the driver is installed and up running.

Passys sells a PCI card that is Linux compatible although not free software compatible for desktop computers. Wikipedia has additional eb on which chipsets and drivers are free software compatible.


Select all apt-get install linux-headers- uname -r As well as the rest of the suggested packages to build. This USB device was sent to me by a forum friend Walt. Some other cards are Linux compatible, but not free software compatible.

For chips that are not USB but included in the computer, type: Finally, this is the output if I am not eeub because it failed to connect again, might be identical I have searched this forum, and other linux forums but no luck. These usually work, but in some cases may not. A card designed for free software gives you improved support.

Board index All times are UTC. I am posting using it now. I even try to connect with only the EUB and it just attempt to and doesnt connect.

Select all su -c ‘ifconfig -a’ to see what network interfaces the cards are getting assigned.