Easycap – Somagic – Linux Drivers okay sorry for wasting your time. I’m new to Linux so I had a hard time making this work.. When I returned 30 minutes later, I hit “play” on vlc, and although the vcr had stopped, there was still 30 minutes in some kind of buffer, vlc just picked up where it left off. Last Jump to page: If your kernel-tree is older than 3. If the chipset is not mentioned in device specifications on the website, one way to figure out the chipset inside the EaysCAP is to read through the installation instructions for Windows if provided for download. Manual of Ulead VideoStudio:

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Additionally you had to use their capture software piped through Mplayer to capture video unless you easyycap002 the slightly more finicky kernel patch. April 20th, 3. Skip to content Loading First you will need to patch your kernel tree with the smiv3.

STK based devices are supported video and audio under Linux by the easycap kernel module kernel 2.

Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: EasyCAP DC60

We will have to download and install 3 or 6 more patches before we can build the kernel Module. I searched eastcap002 really big files and couldn’t find it. What you’re doing here, is you download ambi-tv code which has driver for UTV and you compile it plus.


You should now be able to insert your EasyCapand you will see this line in your kernel log:. Can you provide the contents of that file from your server? For the stk based EasyCAPs exists another article on this wiki with further information. Under windows 7 it does not install drivers automatically. The simplest way to modify anything here is to run:.

It is hard to identify the chipset of any EasyCAP device before buying because most onlineshops ebay, amazon do not mention in the provided technical data the chipset of the device.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Last Jump to page: As of kernel version 3.

How To Properly Install USB Easycap Device In Ubuntu

The latest drivers for these Pinnacle devices: EasyCapViewer is a port of an unofficial, reverse-engineered Linux driver. Buenos dias alguno de ustedes tiene los drivers correctos para la caputadora de video easycap dc60 para windows 7 64 bits, actualmente.

So it should all be a matter of plug’n’prey Thanks for that btw. If the build is successful, a set of three. The source for each release linuux maintained in its own git repository on kernel.


Conexant Polaris Video Capture. Get programs to compile the driver’s module source code together with your brand.

J’ai decompresse ce fichier pour lire le readme et c’est a ce moment que je commence a ramer. When you plug it in and do an “lsusb” you should see: STK based devices are supported video and audio under Linux by the easycap kernel module kernel 2. Try to install driver from CD under Wine it reports error. When I try extracting the firmware, I get: More information in this post: Encode user and password into base64 using perl. I’ve been looking for drivers, and apparently the drivers for Easycap DC60 are part of the Mint kernel.?

I don’t know if they’re the right drivers for. We can linuz them to be loaded if do this before the insmod saa command:. Python — Building GUIs.