They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. One is then presented with a dialog box containing a simple bar graph. Basically, I have no idea what it is supposed to do that the other controls provided cannot do. This allowed me to experiment with various types of images. However, by then overcompensating, making the color balance much warmer and pushing the saturation almost to the limit, I was able to reproduce an image file that looked plausible, and could have been a natural result if the light had been warmer. Additional Product Features Focus Option.

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Then, if you are using LaserSoft’s SilverFast–either the scanner driver Ai 6 or the HDR version I used–it has a quite effective SilverFast SRD dust and scratch removal utility built-in, which is very effective at cleaning most of the defects in Kodachrome and black and white images. The screenshots below are from Dimage Scan Utility, the software that comes with the unit.

So my advice would be if you need the best in a dedicated 35mm film scanner, this new Konica Minolta offering is as good as it gets, at least for a while. I presume there is documentation on the CD provided with that program, but I did not even unwrap ‘Elements’. The II can do the job.


It’s hard to beat a box that can quickly 25 seconds scan bit channels with a dynamic range of 4. This HDR version of SilverFast is just like their scanner drivers, but it is designed to open and process high-bit raw images using the same tools and processes as are available in their scanner driver Ai 6 versions of SilverFast.

They could have sat on their laurels for at least another year, I’m sure. Trending Price New. Attempts with these images on Technical Ektachrome in the past had always failed.

The stand helped keep that narrower, longer unit upright. Then you select one of the four supported film types Visit manufacturer site for details.

Latest Trending Photos Videos. From a Kodacolor Gold negative.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Slide & Film Scanner

It was back to the drawing board for us. Doing the spotting job manually will often take considerably longer.

The work around is to scan as for a colour transparency and do the reversal in Photoshop. Digital SHO for shadow and highlight optimization. Of course the software provides for all sorts of adjustments: The improved scanned image quality is just cream on the top.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite review: Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite – CNET

With the software expecting something to do, gently push the holder into the scanner. Optionally adjust the image With a manufacturer-rated optical density of 4. Fortunately, since version 8. I found the film strip holder a bit tricky to load, but it did an excellent job simage holding the film strip flat.


My 500 did require warranty action: Detail shows light grain reduction and no sharpening. In addition, I should add that when scanning Kodachrome or silver-based black and white film to a high-bit raw file you must turn Dimwge ICE off in the Konica Minolta Utility. Below it but still to the left of the slot are the Scan and Eject buttons. What impressed us especially was how easy it was to confuse a color negative conversion with a slide capture.

Don Johnson never scanned so well.

The scanner and software are colour-management aware. Two CDs are along for the ride. We can heartily recommend the Easy Scan utility. The scanner comes with software to control the device – I use it for the bare minimum requirements to get the image 54000 digital form with all adjustments made in Photoshop.