This product is no longer manufactured. Retailer machine “correct” from three years ago. Request a new review. Obviously, some need it, but the Mini is not for them. What I like most:

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I have not met the asking incompatibility problem, but I have t say a little surprised to know that Pro Tools LE did not read the VST, and other small stuff like that. As for the config is happiness.

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Like all Digidesign hardware, it comes with the Digo Tools software, which of course is a major draw for getting any Digidesign audio interface. And then it’s Pro Tools Not satisfied with those reviews? Otherwise, when possde a system that “in the recommendations of Digidesign,” he works. The opinions here are hilarious. Enough so that I can dbrouiller.

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Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. C ‘ is made believes that “empty” everyone in a possde. However, since you can only record up to two tracks at a time with this, I don’t think that too many people will be having problems with latency or lagging issues, or any performance issues really Damage to the option of paying DigiTranslator.


I thought I use to work on the mix of projects from Avid and record music. In fact, when I play the guitar, for example, a project of PT, mlni buffer size must be a for no latency.

Apple Mac OS X I have a toshiba satellite. Yes, the card as trs simple, easy and convenient.

Our members also liked: Ah yes, a good package. For me it keeps its promises in hardware compared to my needs. I needed an audio interface to connect two inputs my mixer, or directly to my guitar and my microphone.

Pro tools is Maintenat usable for MIDI, but J will really need a minimum of connections of Digi even the mbox pro can not handle the adat!

J’aprecie the compactness of the effectiveness and pramp CONTRL mute on the interface affects only the monitor out which is activated during the catchthe pots are sturdy even if Mountains are not mmbox aligned with the holes of the diig but no friction, I can assure you.


Obviously, some need it, but the Mini is not for them. I had a few other sound cards more convenient and efficient than this one, USB, FireWire, and I regret having bought this Mbox2 that does nothing at a price too high – basically, you pay the soft much more than min card itself. I was good enough for me. But again, this totally depends on dogi computer that you’re running with it.


Mbox 2 Mini Drivers

When a version of OS Digi recommends, yes. In addition the case is metal. In short, the performance is somewhat dcevante, but may be is it my RAM enough?

I have it on digj pc only dorenavent roland sp which acts as a audio interface. I work on a mac book 1 G of ram and dd rpm. I finally got to try ProTools, and it’s actually a wonderful soft. This soft, and to have them all practice, is the simplest that is seen with the keys F1 F8 8 functions so it is not easy rerire master as malignant and the m langeais tout. Except that damn macbook with the buzz that we put the second screen For music I am more reticent.

Getting to know ProTools even when it’s crazy, no version of dmonstration, how do you know if a dish before you buy?