Used to identify an image by it’s URL. I found this did occur with my own Tapestry framework as well, which uses Watir behind the scenes. Finds element after some other element. Clearly one approach would just be to print nothing if everything succeeded and save output for error situations. As far as it not working with Safari, part of the problem is that there is not a driver library that I am aware of that runs reliably enough on Safari with WebDriver.

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In Titus spearheaded this move, deprecating both watir-classic and watir-webdriver gems and releasing Watir 6. I broke out the test into a class that has to be instantiated.

Bret joined ThoughtWorks in and was introduced to the work Jason Huggins was doing with leveraging JavaScript in the browser for testing using a program that was initially called JavaScriptTestRunner, and would eventually became known celerify Selenium. The same applies to Selenium, which is why we have Selenium-WebDriver. Then along came WebDriver.

All of the scripting is done using the Ruby language. Thanks, but I already use the headless gem, but stat still runs a firefox application in the background. Sometimes it can be hard to get started with open source automated testing.


Here the control refers to the browser itself. I run an ubuntu machine, that processes some background tasks, that fires up a firefox browser through watir webdriver. The primary expensive commercial UI testing solution at the time was owned by Mercury Interactive and Selenium is known to be a cure for Mercury poisoning.

You can then fill in those methods with logic that serve as executable examples. In the above example, I just put webvriver jar in the same directory as the script for ease of demonstration.

I provide a little historical detail, watie lot of implementation detail, and some reference information behind the implementation. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

RSpec provides methods that allow you to specify the behavior you expect. Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications.

Automated Testing with Watir and RSpec, Part 1

Yep, I was going to suggest the element approach. In Bret Pettichord and Brian Marick began using this code as the basis for a course they were teaching on test automation.

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Alister Scott on January 22, Watir-webdriver – force firefox to close Ask Question. WebDriver, unlike Watir webdrived Selenium, is more of a framework than a library. Celerity provides a superset of Watir’s API. Used only for form element, specifies the URL where the form is to be submitted. Internet Explorer running on Windows. Show me the code! Make sure I get useful output for test results.

Watir History – Watir Project

Finds the item using XPath query. Whats the difference between doing that, and rescue? Simple page objects for Capybara. As you try various aspects of the API, make sure your script can continue to run in different browsers.

Your email address will not be published. Another approach ceoerity be to make my framework do nifty things like give the output in a nicer format. And what that means is running your test with a browser that does not have a graphical user interface. Used to find an element that has an id attribute.