There are only a certain set of controls you need to really access, and I’ve found that I can do all of those things very well with the A7II. Everything is in reach of my right-hand index finger or my thumb– even the on-off switch. Will Mirrorless change cellphone photography. Most other things are just a case of taking a few days to adapt from another camera. Much like with Nikon’s Z models, it has a meatier handgrip that makes it more desirable for professionals. Voyager – the overheating issue is overblown.

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Jay Thomas N Good Camera. JPatrick The sensor cover for lens changing is a very practical idea.

Canon EOS R – Wikipedia

I’ll wait for Z6. September 5th is mooted for a reveal of some kind. How many of those EF lenses work just fine on the Sony? We do this to make sure our readers have the latest information and expertise about new products.

Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

Are most consumers better served by a shutter curtain for the sensor when changing lenses rather than that 6 stop push? The sensor is very similar to the one on the Fortunately on each occasion I had sent a set of duplicates to the second card, so no images were lost. Sure, it’s cqnon to the photographer. If you’ve made the decision to buy the R, there’s no need to “defend” the R from a perceived canin.


Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up – EOSHD

Nokishita Camera has a list… A very interesting list. In cameras, it should be the same thing. Little tricky to get used to the new interface. Canon also unveiled a MacBook-like “multifunction touch bar” that you can program for different settings like ISO, shutter speed, autofocus and more. Leitz T Rus wrote: And if you counter with “speed does not matter”, you shouldn’t be considering this camera, you should be using a medium format fuji, Pentax or Hassey.

Now that we’ve had some time with the cameras, we wanted to revisit our earlier predictions and take stock. I have no issue with the body of the review – just the very subjective way in which different attributes are combined together to come up with a very subjective score and recommendation. Body Only, Base In stock.

You cannot see past the spec sheet. That’s a bad sign. Far too many people still buy and use them, way more than FF users by a mile. caonn

Canon cameras are generally fun and easy to use, but if you are looking to get an EOS-R, be sure to play with one for at least several minutes before purchase, to make sure you are happy with the unusual ergonomics.

Sony has used a recycled mount that is inferior to both mounts. And if the EOS R is merely a preview of what is to come the Pro R for exampleit’s a pretty expensive preview, especially for what you don’t get from it.


E of this writing, the EOS R is at I do not shoot video. On the plus side, the EOS R does have 4: Yet here we have a lens that, thanks to the new RF mount, gives us a one stop advantage right off of the bat.

Canon EOS R

The best option is always to try the equipment if you can, and read a variety of reviews from different sources, canom from pro’s who actually have used the camera heavily. While it means that EF-lens owners will need an adapter more on that shortlyCanon was able to create a future-proof mount that will make for more interesting glass.

Those things are killers for my way of taking pictures.

Usually people say that the first couple of months are not fair because when a new camera hits the market, more people will buy that camera from that brand. The vast majority of the public xanon viewing your photos on mobile devices these days, whether its on a website or social media.