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Due to internet businesses are being shifted to the online world. Different kinds of jobs which were first done in the physical world are all now being shifted on the internet. Many more jobs have been created due to creation of the e-commerce system and various social media platforms. Freelancing is a way where people can do their work at their homes in their part time. This approach is great for many people especially for women who are taking care of their children in their homes and they want to earn some money. There are many business casual women who are earning money and taking care of their family. There are many options through which you can try to create your own business. Some of the most common options are:

  1. Selling on Amazon: There is a technique which you can use to earn money. This is done by buying different items and then reselling them on Amazon or any other store by having a profit margin. Shop for those items which you know about. You can also create reviews about those items in different social media platforms. Different brands will sponsor your channel, blog or website when it gets popular so you can give it a try.
  2. Online Teaching: Through video calling platforms you can create your own class and teach your students which could be living anywhere in the world. For this specific job you have to get experience first for that specific subject. If you have the teaching skills and have that knowledge then try this approach for earning money.
  3. Real Estate: This is not an online sort of job but creating income from rental properties is great even when you are doing nothing. Passive income can be enough from the properties, depending on how many properties you own.
  4. In-Home Childcare: Creating a business where you can take care of people’s children is a good approach if you have a passion for it. There are different courses which can teach you how to start a childcare business. Make sure to stay in touch with the health care authorities of your city, in case of emergency you can contact them.

Business casual women are taking benefit of this technological world where they can earn money while working from wherever they want to. Some of the jobs can be done if the company allows the remote option. The above jobs stated can be done at home and also can be created as a business opportunity. There are many other options that you can use to create a business from.


There are options from digital world and some of them are also in the physical world. Just find a passion and go with it. Many women find cooking as a passion from which they started to create cooking videos in social media platforms. This resulted in women having massive audiences. With this age of technology there are many job being created. There is competition in the market so your product or service should have an edge to gain profits.

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