A lot of people ask about what voltage they should use to power their motor. If this does not work for you, see the section below on finding your motors coil pairs. You can see the delivery time and cost at the shipping stage, or by using the shipping estimator from within the shipping basket. Now, take these 3 wires and test the resistance between any 2 of them until find the 2 that have the highest resistance. For a list of postcodes that will be charged the remote location rate click here. If you are running a higher power motor, you will probably want to put a heat sink on the driver as well.

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Am I on the right track here?

bildr » The Big Easy Stepper Motor Driver + Arduino

So each coil actually has 3 wires, a center and two ends. Favorited Favorite 17 Wish List. Product Description The Big Easy Driver, designed by Brian Schmalzis a stepper motor driver board for bi-polar stepper motors up to 1.

SparkFun Recommended Screw Terminals 3. They are perfect for automation or any time you need a motor to turn to a specific point, at a specific speed, in a specific direction.

Big Easy Driver

The most common steppers have steps per revolution, so all movement is in vig. Both the A pins are electronically the same as well as the B pins.


Both drivers can theoretically deliver 2A or a bit more to a stepper motor coil, with lots of heatsinking and forced air cooling. Is the capable of handling more Amps?

So if you tell it to go to 10, — It knows it is at 9,00 already, so it moves an additional steps. But it’s rather jumpy and noisy. As the motor runs, it moves along th…. Great for throwing together a quick prototype or if you just don…. Hi, we have an operator online, click ‘start chatting’ to contact us in real-time.

Big Easy Driver – ROB – SparkFun Electronics

This varies between 0ma and 2A ma. Just email returns sparkfun. This driver only needs 4 wires from your stepper. Gecko Drive — Step Motor Basics. But no matter what, we need to find the 2 main coils inside of the motor.

The essy common steppers have steps per revolution, so all movement is in 1. Add to Cart Details. The section on current limiting has me baffled. Power the driver with v — If using a wall adapter, make sure the adapter has at least enough current for the motor.


Same Day Dispatch Orders placed online before 3: I have attempted to adjust the pot little by little but the stepper either turns REAL slow or not at all. With the two pairs of wires, there isnt a backwards. Bigg stepper drivers offer something called microstepping, bilrd the Big Easy Driver is no exception. You will of course need to calibrate your MQ-3 based on your specific Arduino code since sensor readings will vary. Again, the MQ-3 is heater-driven so be aware that the sensor will become warm and may even emit a smell at first.

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Gecko Drive — Step Motor Basics. If this does not work for you, see the section below on finding your motors coil pairs. Also make sure your power lines are at least a 22g or 20ganything smaller will defiantly cause the chip to really heat upwhy??? If you have a 4 wire stepper, awesome! Each Big Easy Driver can drive up to a max of 2A per phase of a bi-polar stepper motor.