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Best HTML Editors for Windows for 2019

There are tons of HTML editors for Windows that are used as a professional and beginning level for web development and web designing. But there is kind of a headache for developers that which one is best HTML editor for Windows out there. As there are more than forty different criteria to evaluate them when it comes to testing these HTML editors. Don’t fret because you don’t need to test them anymore before purchase as we have compiled a list of incredibly amazing HTML editors that works perfectly. The best thing is that all these HTML editors for windows are available for free of cost.

Best HTML Editors for Windows


Notepad++ is most powerful and best editor for HTML out there. You can also find this powerful tool in the Window operating system by default. But you can run it on other operating systems as it is for only Window users. It offers you unique features such as color coding, font. Line numbers and hints that are not available in standard notepad app. These additional features make it the first choice for every front-end developers and web designer.

Komodo Edit

This HTML editor is available in dual version named Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit. The last one is open source software that is available for free. It is actually a cropped down equivalent to IDE. Komodo Edit offers you unique features for the development of CSS and HTML. Moreover, there is also some extension that supports the multiple languages and other features such as special character. However, it doesn’t beat as the best HTML editor for Window but it is great as you can download it free and it works best when you build in XML. It also good for basic HTML editing.


Eclipse is an intricate development environment that is now available as Eclipse Mars which is perfect for those developers who work with multiple languages and do coding on different platforms. It is designed as plug-ins, so you need to find a suitable plug-in for coding and editing on Windows. If you are going to design an intricate web application, it will make your process easier while you are building your application using its features. There is plenty of option for plug-ins including PHP plugins, JavaScript, Java and plugins for the development of mobile application.

CoffeeCup Free HTML:

The CoffeeCup Free HTML has two versions, one is free while other is the full version with some bucks of money. The free version of CoffeeCup free HTML is also good but a lot of platforms requires full version to work. The best part of this HTML editor is that it has Responsive Site Design that is compatible with Responsive Web Design. But be aware that a lot of websites list this product as a free editor but it needs to purchase the full version of CoffeeCup free HTML.


We hope this list might help you to find the best HTML editors for Windows as these products are using by millions of the programmers.



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