The Beagles are tiny open-hardware you could make one yourself , open-software computers that plug into whatever you have around the house. OpenROV Underwater Robot Learn how to create an open source telerobotic submarine for use in exploring underwater environments. The BeagleBoard-X15 [35] [36] was planned for November Fedora ARMv7 Fedora For comments or queries, please contact us. Followed by an error and the program crashes, not even a white screen.

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Beagles mean big functionality in small packages because these little X can be used for all kinds of applications you’ve been tinkering with It looked like they are just using eglCreateContext.

Architectures/ARM/F18/BeagleBoard-xM – Fedora Project Wiki

I had to disable mouse and keyboard input for now, and I would need to get that working again. Cool Projects OpenROV Underwater Robot Learn how to create an open source telerobotic submarine for use in exploring underwater environments Ninja Blocks Explore the internet of things by using these tiny, cloud-enabled computers to beagleblard and build apps that talk to connected devices BeagleStache: I just tried running it from a regular terminal and I get a non-responsive white screen!

This page beagldboard last edited on bfagleboard Juneat My progress is documented in the links above and mostly as TimS notes is contingent on the successful installation of binary graphics drivers blobs alongside the right kernel.


Retrieved July 19, Been trying all weekend and I got so close! If you have specific questions I would be happy to point you in the right direction.


The BeagleBoard is a low-power open-source single-board computer produced by Texas Instruments in association with Digi-Key and Newark element As long as you can get graphics drivers supporting OpenGL Beaglenoard on an armhf linux install running on it in some capacity, you should be able to get OF running in some capacity as well. Mini USB or 2. I would need to change all of my hacks into proper code using a new define. Flexible networking and rich set of robotics-oriented peripherals make building mobile robots quick and affordable.

This should be changed immediately. PocketBeagle features an incredible low cost, slick design and simple usage, making PocketBeagle the ideal development board for beginners and professionals alike. Connect the SD card to your computer and make note of the drive.

On June 29,the stamp-sized soldering module BeagleCore was announced. Autonomous Solar Car Use Beagle to make the world greener today and for generations to come by creating a solar-energy-powered autonomous car.

I would love to get OF on Beaglebone black too. Bealeboard and foremost you need to get an armhf distro with graphics drivers running on the device.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to BeagleBoard. What can they do?


Retrieved January 5, Complete robotics computer ready to fly or rove. I will try that soon and report back. BeagleBone Blue Complete robotics computer ready to fly or rove. Ninja Blocks Explore the internet of things by using these zm, cloud-enabled computers to control and build apps that talk to connected devices.

Plug in and go! Because of the low power consumption, no additional cooling or heat sinks are required.

This page will give you detailed instructions for running Fedora beagleboardd on your BeagleBoard-xM. If you are unsure of which to choose, the hard floating point image is recommended, and will be used in the provided examples below adjust accordingly for ‘arm’:. Archived from the original on September 15, Explore the high-performance, low-power world with the tiny, affordable, open-source Beagles.

With GLES2, i get: