This is for much lower currently but high bandwidth modulation. For a small job, I need to design a digitally-controlled YIG preselector a high-performance bandpass filter , for the What you can see is pretty straightforward, despite all the gold wires. However, for the current unit under investigation from a GHz frontend , type S, 8. Recordering accurate values is a bit troublesome, would need to phase-lock the microwave source and receiver. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Perhaps that was another thing that made this part a special order. Signal level was 0 dBm. Measurement result of svantek loss vs. The lower edge of the specified range 7. These do require a good amount of power, magnetic coils, etc, but provide stable and rather low noise output, and good modulation capability.

YIG-Tuned Oscillators

With mA flowing, a signal finally popped up avantsk around 7. As you can see, when doubling the bandwidth e. Remembering some earlier work, I had a look at the S — these were made by Avantek, and are available, scavenged from old spectrum analyzers, for about USD each, and still have one spare around here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Top Tags acer ahk antenna arduino basics capacitor car electroluminescent f-script fluke ford gti hack hardware iOS lumia mac microwave monitor moon mosfet mount mystery obd-ii oscillator osx phone plague repair satellite script serial software space utility vw windows yig. To look inside, carefully removed the top weld seam on a lathe, and the you can pry the case aavntek.

Core element is a small YIG sphere, placed in a magnetic field. SimonsDialogs — A wild collection of random thoughts, observations and learnings. The thing has two pairs of connections: It matches the first pinout in this old spec sheet.

With the specs determined, I now have enough information to continue work on my project using this oscillator. Next, I measured the coil resistances.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Voltage at the resistors is about 4. Looking at some spectrum analyzer schematics — the heater needs about 28 V. This is possibly throught the side opening, which is usually welded shut, but can be drilled avantem rather easily. Power levels seemed to vary between 7 and 13 dBm across a wide range, however the analyzer calibration may be off somewhat. The particular oscillator I received is marked with model number SO and is labelled for 7.

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A19 board, YTO unlock, bad precision trimmer s. Note the hand made labels which may explain the cost of these units if purchased new… looks like US style handwriting to me.

Permanent Magnet and Electromagnetic YIG-tuned Oscillators

Notify me of new posts by email. Since this particular project wasn’t very sensitive abantek any of the parameters, I waited for a cheap one to show up with the right range and went for it.

There is a spurious signal, about MHz above the center frequency.

This I will need to investigagte further. Without going into theory, which can be found elsewhere, a one-stage YIG filter will give ideally about 6 dB per octave. To get started, first the basics need to be figured out.

Micro Lambda, YIG oscillators, RF and Microwaves, UK

With a little investigating, it wasn’t very difficult to determine the approximate specs for the module I purchased. Well, seems that fixing this is beyond what I can do here with the tools at hand. Notify me ykg follow-up comments by email.