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5 popular types of tea in the world

Tea has many health benefits. The thing you need to make sure is that you are having organic tea and not something that is produced artificially.

1.White Tea

White tea is subtle in flavor and very elegant on the tongue. Almost no processing is done. The leaves are hand-picked, oxidised and dried. After the leaves are dried they become grey colored and soft. Some popular white teas are called Silver Needle and Bai Mudan. The finest of white teas come from the Fujian province if China. There are many other parts of the world which produces white tea including Nepal and Yunnan.

2.Green Tea

Green tea requires many more processing steps than white tea needs. The difference between the processing of both would be that green is less oxidized which is why it retains its green color. Two of the most popular ways of yielding green tea is pan-frying it and steaming. Usually Japanese green teas which are steamed are more bright in colour than pan-fried one. This does not suggest that steaming is a better way of yielding your green tea. Two of the most popular Japanese green teas are Sencha and Genmaicha. There are some Japanese tea bushes that need to be shaded for a few weeks so that chlorophyll production is increased and vibrant-coloured leaves are produced. Longjing and Gunpowder are two of the most popular Chinese teas. Their leaves range from pale to dark green in colour. There is a huge range of tastes when it comes to green tea and what you have to do is to find the perfect one for you.

3.Oolong Tea

Oolong is semi-oxidized during its processing steps. It is one of the most complex teas to make. Taiwan and China are the best producers of Oolong tea. But Taiwanese tea is better than the Chinese one. Many steps are needed to produce it. Many variations are done during the process. Oolong leaves are rolled or balled up. A good quality oolong can be steeped about eight times. With each steep of oolong, a new dimension of flavor is produced. Baozhong, Da Hong Pao, Jin Xuan, usually called “milk oolong” in the markets.

4.Black Tea

Black tea is very commonly available in the market place. Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun are some of the most demanded black teas in the market. Black tea is usually strong in taste.

5.Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh tea is the fermented type of the tea which is produced in the Yunnan province of China. There are further two styles of it, sheng which means raw and shou meaning cooked. After oxidization of the leaves, some moisture is still left in the leaves. After this, the leaves are left to age for months or even years. Pu’erh is mostly pressed into a round cake form before it is packed for sale. Depending on the type of pu’erh, some leaves brew into a light liquid while others are more to the dark and earthy side.



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