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China is a huge country located in Asia. This place is home to many cultures and religions with rich heritage and history. There are now many developed cities in China which are considered as one of amazing cities around the world. For this article we will talk about the main five cities of China which are the most amazing cities to explore.

The first amazing city is the capital of China known as Beijing. It has been the capital of China for over 700 years. This place is home to some magnificent places on earth. One of the great things to see in this city is The Great Wall. This wall is the longest wall and considered as one of the greatest ancient architecture. Another great thing to explore is the Forbidden City which is the city’s best preserved imperial palace and also considered as the largest in the world. The Summer Palace is also another palace located in Beijing which is an ornate imperial garden where the royals in history used to relax in summer. The Temple of Heaven is another temple which was used by the emperors to pray.

The second amazing city is the Xi’an. This is also considered as the ancient capital of China. It was the first capital of ancient United China in 221 BC. There are many great historical sites in this city. This place is also a starting point for the Silk Trade Routes. The route is a passage from Asia to Europe. The best things to explore in this city is the The Terracotta Army. It is the largest imperial tomb complex. Another amazing thing to see in this city is The Ancient City Wall. It is considered as the world’s largest city fortification from the 14th century.

The third amazing city is the Shanghai. It is the China’s most developed and prosperous city. It is world’s leading economic and business city of the world. The great things to explore is The Bund, Yu Garden, Zhujiajiao Water town and the Shanghai Tower.

The fourth city to explore in China is the Guilin. It is considered as the world’s most beautiful place. It is in west of Hong Kong. The Best places to visit in this city is The Li River, Yangshuo and The Longji Terraced Fields.

The fifth amazing city to explore in China is the Chengdu. This place is home to giant pandas and the delicious food known as the Sichuan food which consists of kung pao chicken and the spicy hotpot. The best places to visit in this city are the Dujiangyan Panda Base which is the place where people volunteer to take care of pandas. The Leshan Giant Buddha and The Jinli Old Street are also amazing things to explore in this city. As a visitor in this city you will find many unique experiences that you will love, taking care of pandas is one of those.

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